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Medusa is well-known, she brings together many desirable elements such as beauty, fame, and wealth. Come and conquer Medusa to achieve an extraordinary life.
The higher the bet in the game, the higher the Symbol odds, and there are two free games to choose from!

Collect a variety of different Scatter to win big prizes, Free spins remove low-paying Symbols. A special Medusa symbol will also appear during the Free Spins to increase your winnings. Extra bets enhance the Medusa effect in free games, make good use of the Medusa gems (Scatter) since you get to choose the most suitable gameplay for you!

  • Highest Multiplier: 2000x
  • Special Features
    • Upgraded Symbol and odds by raising bets
    • Two FGs to choose from
    • Extra bets to enhance Medusa effect in FG

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